How to Start Your Personal Brand and Multiple Sources of Income

We live in a time where opportunities are at our finger prints and a lot of People are starting to realize that you can start making buck by Branding yourself. But what does that actually mean in practice?

We hear this concept over and over again but the reality is that Branding yourself is almost like your online persona, but not just posting about the most random stuff, to start Branding yourself, you need to understand and ask yourself what is your WHY? What’s the Value you are bringing to people? What’s your story? All of this together will be your personal branding.

That is only one piece of the cake, now how do you start making money from this? One awesome way to start making money from your online brand will be sharing affiliate products of things that align with your brand. To start into the affiliate world you have to do your research about companies or products that you love and that will be amazing for your brand, you can apply to Target affiliate program and many other companies that offer these kind of services.

One of my favorite ways to make money online is by starting your own online store. Shopify it’s a great way to get started and they give you the opportunity to try them for 14 days Free. I own two online stores and it’s a great way to diversify your income and learn a lot about the online business world. You can use my own link to sign up with Shopify clicking here

If you really want to think about your business in a long term it would be perfect for you to start your own website/blog where you are in charge of the content, and you can earn money thru your blog also using either Adsense or doing brand collaborations and partnerships.

I talk more in depth about all the aspects about branding yourself in this video, but keep in mind that this process is not a making money fast scam, think about your brand as a long term project that will grow with you.

What kind of services of products or services would you like to offer? Let me know!



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