How to Blend Shadows 101

Using color can be so intimidating, and fun at the same time, starting to play with more colors can be so overwhelming and trying new looks can be a big No No. In this video i’m sharing some of the techniques I use when it comes to blending colors and correcting mistakes as I go with the makeup look.

It’s pretty interesting to see how some colors really blend like butter together, In this particular video I’m using the Violet Voss Hashtag palette. Gotta say I’m pretty happy with the blend-ability of the shadows, they really work well together and the shimmer shades in the palette are pretty outstanding. I will say a big help when it comes to blending it’s the kind of brush that you use to blend with, for this video I used brushes from Pixie, Morphe and Zoeva.

Remember that blending is a skill that you have to practice all the time, don’t get discourage if you end up not linking something, it’s part of the journey. Let me know what kind of color combos do you guys will love to see and I’ll be happy to play with them. Have an amazing day people!



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