Lily Lashes vs Aliexpress Review

Hi beauties! I’m so excited to be sharing this post with you today. I got a Sephora gift card this christmas and your girl decided to finally cave in and buy Lily lashes. I got the Holiday gift box that contains 1 Miami lash style, 1 Diamonds lash style and the applicator for $60. Really cute branding, cute lashes and all, but not gonna lie a little bit out of my budget, so I decided to put the Lily lash in style Miami to the test with one of my Aliexpress lashes that look realyyyyy similar to Miami.

Right out the bat the styles both look super similar and the only difference I was noticing was the lash band, the Miami lash band was a little bit more thick than the Aliexpress one. The next difference was that the Aliexpress lash was a little bit heavier than Miami and that felt good. Apart from these 2 differences I wanted to see if people might notice the difference while out and about. I got ready and head to a family party were I asked some family members if they have notice a difference in my lashes and the answers were so surprising! If you want to check the video just click down below and check it out.

Overall I will say if you are on a budget you can really get away with getting some amazing Aliexpress lashes that will look just like the high end version, but if you are a lily lover I totally see why. Let me know if you have tried them or if which lash is your favorite?

Miami Lash:

Lily Sephora Collection Box:

Aliexpress lashes:



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